Calling All Coffee Fans!

If it weren’t for quarantine right now, how many cups of coffee would you have purchased this week? Chances are it would have been at least few, which explains why a change in consumer trends are encouraging more cafes. Cafes are actually the quickest growing segment in the fast food sector. I know I need…… Continue reading Calling All Coffee Fans!

Let’s Focus on Millennials

Millennials, unlike the Boomer and GenX generations, rely on technology to help them make more informed decisions. The millennial generation has unique characteristics that sets them apart from most generations. Millennials were the first generation to be shaped around technology. Internet, texting, e-mail, online messaging, etc. This encouraged more digital marketing. There are some negative…… Continue reading Let’s Focus on Millennials

Will Niche Beauty Products be the Next Market Trend?

Niche beauty products may be the next market trend. Niche beauty products are your not-so-average products that big retailers like Urban Outfitters, are taking on. These products are primarily sold online with no physical store, and they are not your normal beauty products other large retailers may typically sell. They have unique, trendy packaging that…… Continue reading Will Niche Beauty Products be the Next Market Trend?

Domino’s: Tech to Table

What started as a small pizza shop in Michigan has now grown into the second largest pizza franchise in the United States. Domino’s, like many other companies, has stayed up to date with current consumer trends. This is not an easy task for companies to overcome, let alone a pizza chain. Russell Weiner, the current…… Continue reading Domino’s: Tech to Table

What is the Checkout App?

Impulse purchases. We’ve all purchased something impulsively. Social media sites already know how easy it is to make a purchase in three clicks. Checkout is a new app that is working in collaboration with Instagram. The app lets people look through images and videos of items in their feed, and they are able to purchase…… Continue reading What is the Checkout App?

Game of Thrones & Mountain Dew Collaboration

Everyone loves a good brand collaboration, especially when it involves food. And it’s limited edition. And it involves Game of Thrones. Mountain Dew launched their limited edition GoT new promotional advertisement that also involves a contest. The can appears white until you place it somewhere cold, perhaps a mountaintop to keep the GoT theme going.…… Continue reading Game of Thrones & Mountain Dew Collaboration

The Future of Instagram

I rarely meet a person who doesn’t have an Instagram. Even my grandparents and young cousins have one. In today’s modern world, Instagram and similar social media sites have been increasing in popularity. Instagram has been gaining a steady 200 million followers annually, and they just reached 1 billion users total last year. Of course,…… Continue reading The Future of Instagram